Ladies and gentlemen,

Merry New Year, merry monkey year!

A brand new year is starting , we would like to wish you a warm and prosperous New Year!

In the past years, we are holding on forever 3 rules.


Bikes will be produced according to your requirement, OEM is available.


Focusing on market tendency, customer need is what we need. All we produce is base on SAFETY ALWAYS FIRST.

Although there is fierce competition, we still insist on producing high quality safety products and make sure rider safety when they enjoy cycling.

Just like you, we concern global warming, wanting to get rid of terribly traffic jam, loving cycling with friends, having a joyful trip with family, wanting our kids grow in health and safety.

For kids, WE need a new convenient and benefit life style to live in the planet.


We focus on researching the vitality rather than blindly expansion.

We love banian most, in Chinese, banian tree stands for vigor and life. And this kind tree clean air with their ancient life.

We do believe that we can protect the planet same as banian tree, reducing air pollution when everyone use a bike go outside rather than a car.

We do believe banian will bring us a bright future.

IMG_9765                                                                              IMG_9771