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We are professional bicycle manufactory, have a group of vibrant young bicycle enthusiast team. We believe in professional spirit and continue to pay more attention in it. We are not the biggest bicycle manufactory, but the best. We have our own professional Bicycle Framing, Painting & Enameling, Hardware factory and so on.


We focus on researching the product vitality rather than blindly expansion. We desire to build sustainable development brand, as “banian” means “Banian Tree” in Chinese, stands for vigor and life. So each component, each color matching and each technology are make scientific experiments. We have a dream, one hundred years later, people from all around the world have enjoyed and relaxed riding experience that Banian brings.


We stand on our clients side to design products, furthermore, we clearly understand what kinds of product are benefit for society. SAFETY ALWAYS FIRST. We insist on producing high quality safety products and make sure rider safety. PRODUCE BEAUTY. We pursuit tasteful bicycle body design and joyful riding feeling. GET CLOSE TO NATURE. We follow the rules of nature and use environmental material for contributing our share to the beauty of earth,and this is our practical action to protect the planet.

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